What kind of influencer marketing opportunities will I find on AmbassadHer?

AmbassadHer has all kinds opportunities for its members as far as what you are asked to do, but in regards to the reward, we classify in two ways:

- Product-exchange: These are campaigns where the payment is in the form of the brand's product(s). They will typically send you items in exchange for a post upon receiving the items. These are the most common on AmbassadHer.

- Paid: These are campaigns in which payment is made in cash. Brands could pay a flat fee per post, pay per likes, or offer payment based on sales performance. 

Do you charge?

Yup. We know this is new to everyone, but our goal is to let any brand engage with our network no matter their size, so by asking our members to pay a very small amount ($2.99/month), we can partner with small companies and get you WAY more opportunities. There are several brands on our site that have never been able to do this type of marketing before and we are very proud of that and thank our members for that freedom. We also do not take any commission from payments made to you on completed opportunities like many platforms and the average reward (product and/or cash) is valued at $60, so if you get one opportunity a month that is a great return!

I just signed up but can't seem to apply to campaigns! What's the deal?

We apologize for the inconvenience. This happens when there is a large amount of people signing up at the same time and it takes time for the company that processes our memberships to send the information to Shopify, which we use to host our site. If you can't log in after 30 minutes from joining, please email us at info@ambassadher.com and we will send you the applications directly. 

I tried to log in and it says my account is not found - can you help?

This happens occasionally as sometimes Shopify, which hosts our website, cannot handle the volume of accounts created and doesn't store the password. The fastest and easiest way to get you back into the system is to just delete your customer account and then have you sign up again. We know this is annoying but please email us at info@ambassadher.com and we can do this for you. 

I have applied to a bunch of influencer opportunities. When will I know if I was selected?

The time it takes to select the members to post can really vary from company to company for various reasons, from being a small company just learning about this type of marketing to being a bigger company who wants hundreds or even thousands of people posting (yes we have done campaigns with thousands of people :)). So please be patient and if you do not receive a campaign in any month, just email us and we will refund your charge for that month. You can also check the status of most of our campaigns in the 'Opportunity Status' page HERE. 

I have applied to several influencer opportunities but haven't been selected. What do I need to do to be selected?

In most cases, we do not select the final members who are selected for a campaign. We make recommendations based on the criteria the brand has provided us and then they finalize their people. The most important factor though is engagement. Engagement is the number of followers you have divided by the number of likes and comments your posts typically receive. If your engagement rate is too low, our system assumes you have fake followers and this could cost you the chance to participate. If your engagement is too high, our system assumes you are using pods or other methods to boost your numbers. By doing either of these things, you are drastically reducing the number of campaigns you will probably qualify for. To put it simply, you are more likely to get selected with 500 REAL followers than 5,000 total followers but with only 500 real followers.  

Still have questions? Just email us at info@ambassadher.com and we can help you out!