Dodge Ram Trucks

Dodge Ram Trucks

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This a paid campaign. For Influencers in the United States.

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Ram launched five animated lyric videos for it’s “Long Live” music strategy. Each video is unique in both music style and animation style - and all of which may be interesting to different audiences!

To help amplify the "Long Live" campaign, Ram wants your help in boosting their lyric videos!

Do you think your audience has interests in the outdoor, fishing, country music and preferably truck owners? Would they be drawn to lyric videos inspired by Ram’s "Long Live" initiative? If yes, then this is the perfect campaign for you! 

We will provide you with a short cut of one of these videos to post on your Instagram channel. Dependent on your reach on this channel you will receive a cash incentive in return!

Note: Ram Trucks may use your content online, on their social channels or website.

Post two of the five animated lyric videos for it’s “Long Live” music strategy on your Instagram account. Options will be provided after selection. Please make sure to use the right hashtags and mentions. Handles to use: @Ramtrucks, Hashtags to use: #ramtrucks, #longlive, #sponsored, Post Dates: Nov 4, 2017 - Nov 29, 2017