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Did you know that tampons and menstrual cups were invented over 80 years ago? A lot has changed since then. Our products should change, too. FLEX is a new period product called a menstrual disc. It’s body-safe, lasts for 12 hours, can easily be changed on the go, and users have noticed reduced cramps, odor, and irritation compared to other period products. With FLEX, you’re leak free during exercise, swimming, and even sex. 98% of our users cannot feel FLEX when wearing it and 78% actually forget that they are on their period with FLEX. Say goodbye to tampons and have the most comfortable period of your life with FLEX.

If selected, you will be sent a 2 month supply of Flex Menstrual Discs ($30 in total value) in exchange for a post on your Instagram feed. You will need to keep your post up and place a link in your bio for at least 72 hours as well as use any hashtags supplied by Flex and AmbassadHer. You must have a public account in the United States.