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Making drinking mushrooms a thing since 2012, the Four Sigmatic Finnish Funguys make wellness an easy habit to keep by adding superfoods to everyday drinks. They know that mushrooms, adaptogens, and superfoods are some of the world’s most nutritious foods, but they get shiit(ake) on constantly for fickle taste opinions. They need people like you to spread the word about the amazing whole body benefits, delicious taste, and Everyday Magic™ of Four Sigmatic.

If selected, you will be asked to purchase one of Four Sigmatic's Mushroom Mixes (up to a $29.99 value) on a 3rd party website and post on Instagram. You will be able to select one of the following Four Sigmatic Mushroom Mixes: Golden Latte, Chai Latte, Lemonade Mix, or Matcha Latte. You will need to keep your post up and place a link in your bio for at least 72 hours, as well as use any hashtags supplied by Four Sigmatic and AmbassadHer. In addition to your post, you will be encouraged to leave honest feedback for the product. You will receive payment upon proof of purchase, and you will be paid additional cash upon completion of your post and feedback. You must have a public account in the United States.