Google Pixel 2 Launch

Google Pixel 2 Launch

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Participate in the launch of Google's Pixel 2! You'll get a Pixel 2 and Live Case to keep and share with your followers on Instagram.

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Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. You'll get Google's new Pixel 2 and Live Case!

How to get the Pixel 2 + Live Case
1. Confirm your interest. Please keep in mind that Google is looking for people who are interested in switching to Pixel. If you don't think you're a fit, please opt out this time. If you opt in, we'll let you know asap if you're selected!
2. We'll mail you your Pixel 2, Live Case, and full brief once the launch announcement is made! Everything right now is super secret.
3. Post following the posting guidelines. In accordance with FTC guidelines, please include #giftfromgoogle in the caption or comments of your post! This is a legal indication that the post is sponsored.