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Omax® Health is a leading nutraceuticals company focused on developing premium, science-based supplements including Omax® Cognitive Boost Supplement, a new innovation in omega-3 products. Founded by Yale- scientists, Omax® Health has since expanded to a global health and wellness company committed to delivering exceptionally pure, concentrated, and third-party tested products that are trusted by thousands of consumers, pro-athletes, and healthcare practitioners. Omax Health’s products are designed to optimize health and vitality, so you can live #lifetothemax. 

Product description below:
-Omega 3, Alpha-GPC
-Supports Memory and Recall, Enhances Focus, Supports Clearer Thinking & Improved Mood, Increases Productivity
-Premium Brain Health Supplement with Alpha GPC and Omega 3 DHA, Alpha-GPC boosts bio-availability of Omega 3, 1:4 Ratio or EPA to DHA with 800 mg of highly concentrated omega 3 DHA for brain health in each supplement.
-Advanced ingredient technology ensures optimal bio-availability of ultra pure omega 3s, 800 mg of omega 3 DHA / 200 mg of omega3 EPA in two softgels.
-Omega 3 DHA supports memory, cognition, mood and neurological response.
-Advanced clinical strength omega-3 brain health formula may help lower stress hormones that negatively impact brain health.

If selected, you will be asked to purchase one pack of a brain health supplement, Omax Cognitive Boost (up to a $49.95 value) on a 3rd party website and post on Instagram. To view the product, please copy and paste []. You will be sent $40 via PayPal within 48 hours of submitting your proof of purchase. You will need to keep your post up and place a link in your bio for at least 72 hours, as well as use any hashtags supplied by Omax  and AmbassadHer. In addition to your post, you will be encouraged to leave a review for the product. You will be paid $30 cash upon completion of your post and review. You must have a public account in the United States.