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Ever get tired of reading additives, corn syrup, & other “ingredients” on your snack labels? Us too. That’s why we created these naturally delicious snacks made from clean, pure ingredients ALL from the tropics.

We’re talkin’ light & crisp Coco Rolls crafted with 100% coconut milk, authentic Thai rice, and sweetened only with coconut sugar! Try them with your coffee and you’ll swear you landed in tropical heaven.

And our Island Saba Banana Chips. These guys are unlike any banana chip you’ve ever found at the store. How? Saba is a type of banana that has a unique mild flavor, creating a chip that’s, well . . . more like a chip than a banana. You have to try them to understand! We also slice them thinner than typical banana chips, and cook them up in small batches of pure coconut oil. Naturally.

If selected, you will be asked to go to a local Walmart to purchase 3 packages of SunTropics Coco Rolls, Banana Chips, or a mix of both (up to a $9 value) and post on your Instagram. SunTropics Coco Rolls and Banana Chips are sold in select Walmart stores, so please copy and paste this link [[] to find the nearest Walmart carrying the product. You will be required to keep your post up for at least 2 weeks and place a link in your bio for at least 72 hours. You will need to use any hashtags supplied by SunTropics and AmbassadHer. Upon completion of the post, you will receive a $25 cash payout via PayPal. You must be a US member to participate in this campaign.